Kangaroo Studies has been very professional in their approach. They were very helpful through out the process. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Kangaroo Studies. It is like my dream come true. Excellent staff & work wise very good.
Raman Kumar
Kangroo studies are good as they dont ask for any fees or all that.The staff is very cooperating especially in jalandhar from where i am consulting,i have been in touch with them since feb 2006,and there dealing is excellent.
Ravijit Roopra
“KANGAROO STUDIES PVT. LTD.” is a great place to get yourself guided if clueless about where you wanna go? These nice people are always on your back. Visa process pretty accurate and it wouldn’t cost a dime. These guys have a lot of experience. Go abroad, go to Kangaroo.
Abhy Singla
In this modern Era People open Education shops where they make the deals of Education, student career and they sell many dreams of Student But Kangaroo studies the only who do not play with the students carrier, emotions and they never sell the dreams. They provide us the way out on which our dreams come true.
Navjinder Singh
Kangaroos are really very professional and friendly in their approach . It really helps me to take my decision for my higher studies.
Karan Malhotra
I am in Kangaroo
Jyoti Kumari
I am in kangaroo
The services provided by kangarooielts is great.
Gurpreet Singh
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